Jul 27

Why Tile Dust is Harmful to Your Air

When having tile work done in your home, such as in the kitchen or bathroom, harmful tile dust as a result of all the sawing can get into your air and pose safety risks for occupants. That's why it's important to hire professionals who specialize in dust free tile removal.

Why Tile Dust is...

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Apr 24

Benefits of Dust Free Tile Removal

Imagine taking a five pound bag of flour and sprinkling it all over your kitchen. Who would want to clean that up? Now, take ten more bags and pour them out. That’s only 55 pounds of dust, just a fraction of what covers your home when you’re removing the tile out of your bathroom or kitchen...

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Mar 21

All tile removal companies are NOT equal

Some give you much more than you want! Those companies, will catching much of the dust, leave the rest behind - in your house, in your furniture, in your lungs. That's not the place for dust to be! It needs be be caught and taken away.

Our special filters catch virtually all of the dust...

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